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Here is an email they sent me because they rejected my application for AdSense:


As mentioned in our welcome email, we continue to review your AdSense

application once AdSense code is placed on your sites. As a result of this

review, we have disapproved your account for the following violation(s).


– Unable to review your site


Further detail:

Unable to review your site: While reviewing http://tlewis.mobi/wordpress/,

we found that your site was down or unavailable.

We suggest you check whether there was a typo in the URL submitted. When

your site is operational, you can resubmit your application with the

correct site by following the directions below.


I don’t know what idiot reviewed the site, but it is working just fine… From multiple internet connections, multiple computers. So that retard obviously has something wrong with his computer and just goes and rejects my application. I waited like a month for that! I’m about ready to tell Google to screw off and go with another ad provider because they are just not getting the job done. And yes, there is AdSense code on the site, it would be in the bottom right, but it is blank because there are no ads to show since the account is not yet approved.

Edit: Just got approved. What do you know, it only takes a resubmit and rant about it.