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Just another blog about random things I enjoy, mostly programming and gaming. This site was converted to Jekyll in about March of 2017 so I can play with a lot of fun new toys. It runs much faster than using Wordpress, and it is statically generated by Jekyll. So what I do is I can write the post in markdown, push it to Git (I use TFS Git at the moment for this project). This triggers an automatic build in TFS that will build using Jekyll using 2 different configurations, one for dev and one for prod. These are then published to artifacts. At that time a release is automatically triggered and deployed to dev. Once deployed, the release waits for approval and then it will deploy to prod. All this is done using scripts to then push to Amazon S3 while also expiring and pushing new pages to the Cloudfront caching. That is one of the reasons this site is so fast. Wow, I really haven't been keeping up with this site. Sorry folks! Been really busy with work and all.

Recent posts

Installing Android Apps on a Kindle Fire

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So you got a Kindle Fire HDX and you want to expand your choice of apps? Well here is a way to install Google Play apps on your Kindle Fire without rooting y...

IE8 Javascript dates show NaN.

less than 1 minute read

As a web developer, I can honestly say I hate writing JavaScript code that works with Internet Explorer prior to version 10. It has various quirks to it that...

Using Jekyll on Windows

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The web has grown a lot since its infancy. We have gone from a world of mostly very static HTML pages to a world of mostly database driven dynamic content. W...

Exclude NuGet packages from TFS

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Everybody knows about NuGet right? Right? Well if you don’t, get familiar with it! NuGet is a package manager for Visual Studio that allows you to automatica...